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The Family Bundle

Try the whole PUR Family in this naturally sweet variety bundle!


1x Coolmint Bag
1x Spearmint Bag
1x Wintergreen Bag
1x Peppermint Bag
1x Bubblegum Bag
1x Pomegranate Mint Bag
1x Cinnamon Bag
1x Chocolate Mint Bag

1x Coolmint Pack
1x Spearmint Pack
1x Wintergreen Pack
1x Peppermint Pack
1x Bubblegum Pack
1x Pomegranate Mint Pack
1x Cinnamon Pack
1x Chocolate Mint Pack

1x Spearmint Pouch
1x Mojito Lime Mint Pouch
1x Tangerine Tango Pouch
1x Peppermint Pouch
1x Polar Mint Pouch

Each resealable gum bag includes 55pc , each gum pack includes 9pc, and each resealable mint pouch includes 20pc

What makes us so PUR?

✓ Aspartame Free

✓ Sugar Free

✓ Allergen Free (including peanuts, nuts, soy & corn)

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Vegan

✓ Non GMO

✓ Naturally Flavored

✓ Swiss Made

Ingredients: varies for each flavor

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